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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Scotty’s Point of View

Onto you so tight, baby, girl I gotta see you tonight,” I sing into the mic. I finish off the last couple of echoing ‘tonights’ before stepping away from the mic. My producer gives me a thumbs up as momma gives me a smile. I give them a smile back. I didn’t realize how much I liked the new song, until I met Ronnie.

“We’ll go have dinner at Jack’s BBQ tonight and head back home in the morning,” Momma says as I walk out of the recording booth.

Before I answer her, I look down at my phone that had just chimed, alerting me of a new message. I smile when I see it’s from Ronnie. “Actually,” I say to her. “Do you think we could head back tonight?”

Ronnie’s Point of View

I take another sip of coffee before checking the time on my phone: 1:37 a.m. Letting out a sigh, I get up from the couch to walk around the apartment. I was trying to stay awake until Scotty got back. I told him I would be up this late doing homework, which was a total lie, I just wanted an excuse for him to come over. So to fight my exhaustion from the long day which consisted of an early morning gym session, classes, and work, I was drinking my weight in coffee and walking laps around my living room.

“Are you still awake?” I hear behind me. I spin around a little too quickly and see Trish standing there, rubbing her sleepy eyes and wearing a too big tshirt.

“Yes,” I say.

“Girl, you’ve been up since six this morning!” she squeals. “Go to bed!”

“I can’t!” I say back. “Scotty is comin over!”

She lets out a loud groan as she turns to go back into her room. “You two are so annoyingly cute…” she says.

I roll my eyes at her retreating figure before starting to pace again. About five minutes later I hear a quiet knock on the door. With squeal of glee, I skip over to the door. When I open the door, at the sight of Scotty, all the caffeine I had been drinking catches up with me, causing me to launch myself into his arms, which I had never done before.

He lets out a laugh as he steps into the apartment while still holding me in the air. “Well somebody is excited to see me,” he says sitting me down.

“Oh, you bet I am!” I say, throwing my arms around his neck for another hug. It wasn’t an uncommon thing now to find us mindlessly holding hands when we were alone together or for Scotty to throw an arm over my shoulder when we were watching tv late at night.

“Dagum,” he says. He lets out another low chuckle as I let go of his neck and take a step back. I watch him sweep his eyes quickly around the room and then rest them on a point behind me. “So that explains it,” he says walking past me. I watch as he walks over to the little table next to the couch a picks up my half empty coffee mug. “How many of these did you have?”

I give him a nonchalant shrug. “Just that one and another,” I tell him. He cocks an eyebrow at me, not believing a word. “Plus four others…” I add with an innocent smile.

He shakes his head at me as he sits the mug down before walking over to me. “Ronnie,” he accuses. “You didn’t have to wait up for me.”

“But I wanted to see you tonight,” I say with a pout. “What? Did you not want to see me?”

“Of course I did…do,” he says. “I just…I feel bad that you had to put yourself through such extreme measures to stay up for me.”

“I’ll be okay,” I say giving him a smile. “Now, tell me all about Nashville.” I taking his hand and leading him over to the couch.

The Next Week

I stare with wide eyes at Scotty, holding the biscuit I passing him in midair. “Excuse me?” I say to him.

“You heard me,” he says taking the biscuit. “I’m playing the state fair this week and I’d like you to come.” I still just stare at him. “Now don’t look at me like that Ronnie,” he says. “I know you were already planning on coming.”

“I was,” I say slowly, sitting down at the table. I dig through the Bojangles bag and pull out the rest of me and Scotty’s food. I had brought the food over to Scotty’s for lunch after my morning shift at the library. “But that was before I met you that I got the tickets.”

“So now that you know me, you don’t want to go?” he says, arching an eyebrow at me.

“No, that’s not it,” I say giving him a smile. “It’s just that…it’s one thing to go to a show. It’s an entirely different story to be invited to the show by the artist. And, just taking a wild guess here, but I assume you’ll want me to come backstage and stuff?”

“Yes,” he says starting to take his food out of the box. “And I want you to meet my family.”

“Oh, no,” I say taking my food out. “That doesn’t make me nervous at all.”

“You’ll be fine,” he says. “I promise.”

“Only if you promise,” I say giving him a wink. He gives me a smile before we start eating.

After we eat in silence for a few minutes, Scotty speaks up. “So, you got any plans for next weekend?” he asks me.

“Yeah, actually I do,” I tell him. “Um, I’m actually going to be out of town that day.”

“Really?” he says. “Where are you going?”

“Back home,” I say before taking a long drink of my tea.

“That’s cool,” Scotty says.

“Not for the reason I’m going,” I say with an involuntary grimace.

“Why?” he asks.

I give him a shrug. “Just seein my momma for the first time in a while. We don’t always see eye-to-eye,” I say.

“Well that’s cool,” he says picking through his fries.

“Why do you ask?” I ask him.

“Just wondering,” he says shrugging. “I’m gonna be out of town for an event that day too.” I give him a nod as we continue to eat. As we eat, his phone chimes a few times. I watch him type out responses to eat incoming text. Finally, after one, he lets out a groan.

“What’s wrong?” I ask him.

“That was my momma texting me,” he says holding his phone up. “She’s wanting me to come home for dinner tonight.”

“What’s so wrong with that?” I ask him.

“Well, it’s not a bad thing,” he says. “It’s just that…she’s insisting that I bring you…”

I drop the fry I was getting ready to eat. “What?”

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Anonymous asked: was that really scotty texting you?

hahaha no! it was just an app I have :)

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freshstartfanficsm asked: I love, love, love, loveeeeeeee the new chapter!!! (:

Aw thank ya so much! I love your story too!! :)

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keeps-me-hanging-on asked: Hi! I just want to let you know that you're an amazing writer! Keep up the awesome work! Okay that's all, bye. :)

Aw thank you so much!

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Imagine for wearethebrokenones

Carey, imagine…

The cracking and sizzling was soothing your soul as you flipped over the piece of golden brown piece of chicken. You mindlessly sweep back a lock of hair as you place the lid back on the ancient, black skillet your mother had given you for a wedding present. Padding across the kitchen tile, you come to the little wooden table that you had placed in there and fluff the arrangement of flowers that adorned the center of the table. You lean down and take a tentative sniff of the spider lilies. As you go to pick up a stray piece of paper, the glint of the setting North Carolina sun peeking through the back window catches the wedding set on your finger. A smile creeps onto your lips as you make your way back over to the stove to flip the chicken.

It was your first night at the house with Scotty after you and Scotty’s honeymoon. Right after the honeymoon ended Scotty had to go to Nashville to attend some meetings. For the couple days he was gone, you had scrubbed and unpacked every inch of the house to make it look like it was more lived in than just moved into. You were also cooking Scotty’s favorite meal. He was due back any minute and you were getting antsy. To try and calm your nerves, you switch on the ihome that was perched above the sink. You sing along to your mix of old and new country songs.

Carry on, carry on sweet southern comfort carry on…” you sing as you place the last piece of chicken on a paper towel lined plate. Looking out the window above the sink, you see your husband’s pickup truck coming up the gravel driveway. Tossing the grippers into the sink, you dart out the kitchen, bare feet and all. Once he sees you dashing down the driveway, Scotty puts the truck in park and slides out of the driver’s seat. Launching yourself into his arms, Scotty spins you around. Sitting you down, he plants a series of kisses on your lips. “I’ve missed you so much Carey,” he says, still holding you off the ground.

“I’ve missed you too,” you say before giving him a long kiss.

“Wait just a second,” he says. While still holding you off the ground, he bends his torso and looks down towards the ground. “Did you just run on the gravel in bare feet??”

You let out a laugh. “Yes!” you say. “I was too excited to see you!”

“Dagum,” Scotty says with a laugh. He sets you down so that you are standing on his feet before picking you up again, cradling you in his arms. You wrap your arms around his neck as he kicks the driver’s door shut and starts to carry you back to y’alls home.

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